Informal Wholesale Markets Summary in Coastal Kenya

The profiling of the informal wholesale markets across the Kenya’s coastal region has revealed numerous opportunities for smallholder farmers to engage with buyers. The annual market size for assorted commodities across six major wholesale informal markets is USD 45,615,797 facilitated by 2,213 wholesalers. Statistics reveal that traders are operating at 62% of the market potential given the documented annual market capacity of USD 72,442,428. Irish potatoes, tomatoes, kales, bananas and cabbages are the most traded commodities although huge market deficits for all the commodities are still persistent...Read More

Maize Cost Benefit Analysis & Price Trends In Kenya

The leading cost in main production includes inputs costs - fertilizer, manure, chemicals, spraying and seeds (42%), followed by weeding (19%) and land preparation (18%), respectively. The average cost of production from the assessment study shows that the total production costs per acre are Kshs. 23,652 (USD 275), with an average production per acre of 2.7MT, the production cost per 90 kg bag translates to approximately Kshs. 788 (USD 9.16)...Read More

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