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Farm Concern International realizes the value of partnerships and works with global and local organizations, governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) across various sectors and industries to spearhead market development and commercialization in Africa.

The Africa School of Agribusiness and Marketing focuses not only on the production side of agribusiness but also the importance of the market side. This is done through the realization that consumer demand plays a key role in determining the market requirements of commodities produced. The institution does this through developing innovations and latest strategies whilst incorporating technology in agricultural production, finance, marketing and value chain development in agribusiness.






FCI VISION : To have commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond

About Us

Farm Concern International (FCI) is an Africa-wide Market Development and smallholder commercialization organization, developing modern marketing concepts and building business relationships through strategic alliances to enhance economic growth among smallholder communities in various countries in Africa. 

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Africa Office
KALRO Campus, Waiyaki way
Tel : +254 20 2626017, 2626018
Cell: +254 725 495 819 
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