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Farm Concern International, FCI will be participating and exhibiting at The 1st All Africa Post-harvest Congress & Exhibition at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi  from 28th – 31st March 2017. The Congress provides an optimal opportunity for FCI to share its statistical evidence as an Africa-wide agri-market development agency in creating vibrant rural economies through agricultural commercialization, promotion of pre& post-harvest management solutions, value addition and market access. At the FCI exhibition booth, will be post-harvest interventions on cassava processing extending shelf life from 24hrs to 18 Months, AFMA Super Grain Bag hermetic technology, grain post-harvest interventions, labor saving technologies for women, cyanide reduction to promote food safety among others.

FCI Post-harvest Intervention Strengthens market Access for smallholder farmers

At FCI, intervention in Agricultural Value Chains by promotion of appropriate post-harvest technologies and solutions is not an end in itself, but a critical & complimentary component to competitiveness of smallholder farmers in the market place. Increased profitability and better incomes drives FCI’s agenda to create sustainable partnerships enabling smallholders to participate in the marketplace as respectable players.

Cassava is the No.1 Crop for Incomes and Food Security

Cassava is a source of food to approximately 8.6 million people in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Cognizant of this fact, FCI designed a strategy for scale up in the commercialization of cassava; a climate resilient crop. Upon harvest, cassava roots undergo rapid physiological deterioration within 24 - 72 hours rendering them unpalatable and unmarketable. FCI in partnership with various stakeholders has designed innovative technologies for processing cassava into different storable products therefore extending shelf-life from 72 hours to 18 months. Processing technologies promoted by FCI has managed to reduce Cyanide, a poisonous substance inherent in many varieties, to tolerable levels for safe consumption.

Enterprising Youths switch on their Future through Cassava Commercialization

Farm Concern International, FCI is deliberate on youth livelihoods and creation of opportunities along the agribusiness value chains that enhance employment for youth. Provision of agri-services in Commercial Villages including cassava chipping & value addition, Commodity transportation, sales coordination and actual crop production has created hopes for youths to be engaged productively within commercial Villages.

FCI profitability analysis drives choice of Enterprise

FCI firmly believes that farmers are able to make better and informed investment decisions if adequate information is provided to aid in evaluating farm enterprise options. Private Sector driven demand for market intelligence is reminiscent for smallholder farmers therefore FCI invests on their behalf through value chain analysis, market research and cost benefit analysis to enable farmers’ integration in profitable market segments.

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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.