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Why Network:

During research and client engagement across various countries, the FCI team has increasingly encountered the following issues;

  • Mixed outcomes of rural agricultural investment largely by professionals based in cities
  • Several attempts by professionals in the cities of creating sustainable livelihoods for their rural families
  • A number of agricultural investments aimed at supplementing incomes.

FCI respects and recognizes the efforts that various professionals are undertaking and ultimately playing a major role in agriculture.  FCI believes that, with timely market information; these will contribute towards stabilized livelihoods, create employment for relatives and reduce vulnerability of their rural families in Africa.

To de-risk individual investors, particularly professionals and entrepreneurs, FCI has launched the initiative to equip members and provide consistent timely information access on the agricultural sector and further customized information for application on the following.

REGISTER: http://bit.ly/farm2019form

Through this Network, Farm Concern International, FCI will therefore ensure training, access to critical data for informed decision making and networking with key industry players.

FCI will have the following products and services available to Network members;


Annual Activities

FCI regularly conducts multi-value chain studies for various interventions across Africa which will continue to support FCI research and implementation therefore an Annual Membership fee is at subsidized rate of USD 950 paid annually. The annual calendar of events will be shared with network members upon completion of registration.

Network Contacts at Farm Concern International, FCI are as follows;

Christine Akoth, Programmes Manager
Pauline Njeru, Programme Information Officer
Eng. Silas Langat, NRM & Agri Systems Engineer

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FCI Coverage




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Breaking Barriers to Scale Up for 461,232 Direct Smallholder Farmers Report

Seed-Farmer-Market-Consumer [SeFaMaCo] Integrated Value Chain Programme implemented in Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia has opened an unprecedented platform for experiential data gathering through action research embedded in the implementation process. The 461,232 Smallholder Farmers in 1,242 Commercial Villages in the programme are contributing towards a wealth of data on growth pathways as they participate in markets. These emerging data sets through reports and data learning forums which are shared with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, partners and farmers are aimed at increased utilization of statistics on revealing complex dynamics that smallholder farmers contend with and market unpredictability that value chain actors deal with every day for enhanced design of interventions, strategies and policies...Read More


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FCI Capacity Development department has innovatively designed, developed and disseminated 237 audio-visual & print materials across 24 Countries for 132 partners based on an integrated delivery approach customized for target clients.

FCI   tailor makes   capacity building packages for Commercial Villages, Farmer Organizations, Agro-Enterprises, Private Sector Players and Partner to determine learning and training methodologies for farmers, partners and buyers as well as disseminating the information. The multi-leveled curriculum development and training approach has been customized to various target groups with a strong component on interactive learning and exposure visits.  A series of Training materials have further been developed into Video and Audio Teaching Aids with a local dialect translation. The Capacity Building Materials are organic and are upgraded to ensure responsiveness to needs of target partners or clients.

ICT Solutions for Capacity Building and Market Information Systems is a critical avenue for massive-distribution of information and training which FCI is testing and upgrading systems consistently based on feedback from Smallholder Communities, Private Sector players , Stakeholders  and Commercial Villages. FCI is further in partnership with various private and public players for a synergy in delivery methodologies that complements and keeps it cost effective.

FCI Innovations in Capacity Development 

FCI capacity innovations are meant to strengthen the capacity of whatever target group the materials have been designed for. Various actors in Agricultural value chains need to be influenced through information resulting to increased multi-sector dialogue among the actors. FCI has developed the following dissemination channels of the materials:

1. E-training Manuals customized in local dialects to suite country specifics.

2. Illustration manuals- visual aids play a critical role in adult learning since they ensure easy conceptualization of processes and interventions.

3. Audio Visual Materials (case studies, documentaries). The availability of multi-country experiences across FCI work enables 

4. Step wise process guidelines – these allow for easy comprehension and application. 

5. Kijiji-e-Training Kit an off grid kit that is solar charged and used in the villages for over 8 hours.

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FCI Impact stories is a new communication series through which Farm Concern International, FCI shares untold stories of progress and profits in Africa gathered through direct implementation of Commercial Villages Model for smallholder commercialization and market access going on for 12 years [2004-2016] and commencing scale up in 2017. The series is based on impact data and tales of transformation for programmes in smallholder commercialization, market access and capacity development conducted in 24 countries in partnership with 132 development partners and 24,028 buyers.

Click on the image below to read the latest release:

Domestic Markets Regional Programme impact summary

The Domestic Horticulture Markets (DoHoMa) Programme is a 5 year programme designed for domestic markets mainstreaming with a focus on Traditional African Vegetables (TAVs), Bulb Onions and Irish Potatoes with an Agri-Nutrition Solutions component. DoHoMa is graduating 115,491 Smallholder Farmers, SHF into entrepreneurs and with cumulative sales of USD 350 Million in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi. The programme is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BMGF....Read More


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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.