Financing Kenyan Farmers for a Better Tomorrow

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FCI with funding from USAID is implementing the E -Warehouse project that addresses the challenges of marketing cereals and pulses in Tigania East and West in Eastern kenya. It focuses on cereals and pulses ( Maize,beans,pigeon,peas, cow peas,greengrams and dolichos. The project works with 25,940 households and sought to address market gaps by developing an integrated and mobile enabled innovative financing and grain banking system to help household store and manage their crops. The project also aims at managing post harvest losses,bulking farmers grain during harvest time,link them with a financial institutions to provide partial advances against the value of stored crop and connect them with markets for sale within three months after the harvest season. Grameen Foundation (GF) an implementing partner provides an integrated mobile enabled system for the virtual e-warehousing system.

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