Traidcraft has funded FCI to increase incomes of poor communities in Tabora region and  Rufiji district in Pwani region through the Commercial Village Model. A total of 2.04 tons of honey from 10 beekeepers were sold which was worth $ 4, 945. 1 formal buyer (NAYOPEKER Company) was identified and linked to beekeepers and the company has ordered more than 20 Metric Tons to be purchased from the month of November.

Programme Summary

The Bee Enterprise (BEET) project is a four-year project targeting 2760 beekeepers in Tabora and Rufiji. The project works to increase incomes of poor communities in Urambo, Uyui and Sikonge districts in Tabora region, and in Rufiji district, Pwani region. This is being achieved through increasing knowledge and skills of beekeepers to improve quality and increase volumes of their honey, and by linking them to reliable, sustainable local and regional markets. Farm Concern International works to provide management support to Traidcraft field staff to organize beekeepers into groups and link them to information, skills, services and markets.


Case Studies

Farmers realize income worth USD 21,010.9 from Honey Farming in three months

Farm Concern International (FCI) with funding from Traidcraft enabled beekeepers in Rufiji and Tabora to increase their income. Through the Beekeepers Economic Empowerment in Tanzania (BEET) project, FCI empowered the farmers to realize income worth USD 21,010.9 from 12.04 Tonnes of honey in just three months. FCI oversaw the fast tracking implementation of the four-year BEET project in Tanzania within three months... Read More





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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.