Rockefeller Foundation has funded FCI to develop and implement an enterprise upgrading strategy for Commodity Aggregation Centres graduated into sustainable Agri-Market Services Centres under YieldWise Initiative in Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. This contributes to the YieldWise goal of demonstrating how the world can halve food loss by 2030, one of the UN’s sustainable development goals.



Sustainability modelling is the key focus for this project which is intended to systematically graduate selected commodity aggregation centres under the Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise Initiative into “Sustainable Agri-Market Service Centres (AMSC)”. With well-equipped enterprise facilities, the centres will offer an assortment of agriservices to smallholder farmers, farmer organizations, value chain actors and market players predominantly focused on both anchor and complementary value chains under the YieldWise initiative.

Strategic and dynamic enterprise optimization mix for the service centres will be designed as profitable market-led units that competitively provide end-to-end season services for commercialized farmers and other SMEs. For optimal utilization of the Agri-Market Service Centres, Farmer Organizations with a multi-value chain focus will create a demand for paid services as smallholder farmers increase ability to pay. FCI will work closely with implementing partners in Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria to uniquely blend sustainable pathways for context -specific and prioritized enterprises. The overall impact is envisaged as increased profitability, increased engagement with private sector partnerships for farmers and employment opportunities for youth and enhance income for women based on a value chain-wide approach.


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